Sherwood Regional Library

Site is closed for 2022, we will re-open in February 2023. More information will be available in January.

New Process in 2022

The health and safety of our Tax-Aide clients and volunteers is of utmost importance.

  • Face mask (covering nose and mouth) required at all times. Tax-Aide volunteers are vaccinated and masked.

  • Only taxpayers allowed at the site. Sorry, no children allowed.

  • All returns will be prepared by appointment only – same day appointments for in-person and drop-off service. Appointments must be made in person on the day of service.

  • Taxpayers must complete the basic Intake/Interview booklet (8 pages), and other forms as required, in preparation for their appointment. Get all forms at site (or download basic form below).

  • To expedite processing, please remove all documents from envelopes.

  • Active duty military taxpayers accepted (limitations apply).

  • Please click here to view the COVID screening questionnaire.

Make a same day Appointment in person at the site during service hours.

Same day appointments only, no appointments will be made in advance.

Service hours: Tue - Wed 10:15 am – 2 pm and 5 – 8 pm

Thu – Sat 10:15 am - 2 pm

Return Preparation Process

In-Person Service: Your return will be prepared while you sit with a counselor. A second counselor will perform a quality review in your presence. When your return is completed, you will review and sign it, your return will then be immediately e-filed. All your documents will be returned to you along with your signed return.

Drop-Off Service: After a brief interview you will leave your documents at the site. Counselors will prepare and quality review your return. You must be available by phone to answer questions. When your return is completed, usually within an hour or two, you will come back into the site to review and sign it, your return will then be immediately e-filed. All your documents will be returned to you along with your signed return. Documents will be secured when not being used to prepare/review your return. You must collect your documents by the end of the day.

You can download the basic Intake/Interview booklet here (or get it at the site):

  • Intake/Interview Booklet (Once you have downloaded this form, you may fill it out on the computer and then print, if you want to. Otherwise, download, print and then complete it by hand.)

Additional required forms will be available at the site.

    • Click here to download a list of documents needed to prepare your return.

    • Click here to download a list of returns we cannot prepare.

If you have specific questions, please detail them in an email (preferred) or in a voice mail/text message to us. Due to volunteer shortages, these channels will not be constantly monitored, but we will reply as soon as we can. You can reach us at: / (571) 882-9374

Sherwood Regional Library

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