Arlington Central Library

Welcome to Arlington Central Library Tax-Aide

February 1 – April 11, 2024  

Tuesdays, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Thursdays, 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Please review What We Can and Cannot Do to be sure we can prepare your return. 

We recommend that you make an appointment, but we will also accept walk-ins when we have counselors available. Note, we are usually less busy in the afternoons.

How We Will Be Operating

When you come for your appointment, you will be interviewed by a tax counselor. Once he or she has collected your information, they will prepare your return while you sit with them. A second counselor will then review the return with you and answer any questions you might have. We will print a copy of your return for your records and then electronically file the return for you.

If you are unable to wait – or if we are unable to finish your return before we need to close up -- you will be able to "drop-off" your tax documents for pick-up at a later time. In this case, you will still need to sit for a thorough interview with the tax counselor before leaving the site, and you will need to be available to answer calls if we have questions about your return after you leave.  You will be given an appointment time to pick up your completed return. When you return, we will review the return with you and answer any questions you might have. Once you have approved the return, we will file it electronically for you.

Prior to your appointment

You will also need to fill out some forms for us. These may be obtained ahead of your appointment at the library reference desk or from us during our open hours, or they can be downloaded here:

Intake Booklet (required) 

Worksheet for Self-Employed Individuals  (optional)

Worksheet for Itemizing Deductions (optional)

Worksheet for Education Credits  (optional)

Make an Appointment

You can make an appointment by clicking on this link:   Make Appointment with TaxAide  

It's faster to make the appointment yourself, but if you have trouble doing that, you may leave us a message at 703-829-6192 and we will call you back to help you.

Walk-in service may be available, depending on counselor availability. We always help people with appointments first though. Afternoons are generally less busy, if you want to try coming without an appointment. In either case, you will need to fill out our forms ahead of meeting with a tax counselor.

Contact us with any questions -- after January 25

By phone703-829-6192 - Leave your name, phone number, and a brief message and one of our counselors will call you back, ususally within 24 hours. Please answer calls from unknown numbers during this time. 

By email:  Do not include sensitive information such as your social security number when communicating with us by email.

We look forward to serving you this tax season.

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Arlington Central Library

1015 North Quincy Street

Arlington, VA 22201