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Welcome to Columbia Pike Branch Library AARP Tax Aide - Bienvenidos

New season begins February 2, 2024 - Comenzamos

Our hours of service are:

We can help with most, but not all tax returns, be sure to read the list of items on the scope page (página de cobertura) that we cannot help with. Verifique.


In-Person Service: We offer in-person service like in pre-pandemic years.  Your return will be prepared sitting with a counselor. A second counselor will quality review in your presence. Once completed, you will review and sign it, and your return is immediately e-filed. All your documents will remain with you including a signed return.

Make an Appointment - Haga su Cita

You can make an appointment by clicking on this link: Here. Aquí.

Or Walk-in. Appointments have priority. Midperiod is generally less busy.

Prior to your appointment - Antes de la Cita

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