Sherwood Regional Library

Tax Preparation Season begins February 1, 2024
(Closes April 15, 2024)

Welcome to Sherwood Regional Library Tax Aide. We will be open from Feb 1 through April 15.

Basic Information

Walk-in Service Only

Mon - Sat  10:15 am – 2 pm


Mon - Wed  5 – 8 pm

Return Preparation Process

Your return will be prepared while you sit with a counselor.  A second counselor will perform a quality review in your presence.  When your return is completed, you will review and sign it, your return will then be immediately e-filed.  All your documents will be returned to you along with your signed return.

You can download the basic Intake/Interview booklet here (or get it at the site):

Additional required forms will be available at the site.

If you have specific questions, please detail them in an email (preferred) or in a voice mail/text message to us.  These channels will not be constantly monitored, but we will reply as soon as we can.  You can reach us at: / (571) 882-9374

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide

Sherwood Regional Library

2501 Sherwood Hall Lane (2nd Floor)

Alexandria VA 22306